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MAY 2019

Each year, major organizations within the marine industry descend on Washington DC to meet with legislators, initiate conversation and enact positive change for our industry, whether it’s tax reform, amendments to cargo class laws or to change legislation from within the heart of the American democratic system. I went last year to document the collaboration of a small community as they came together to take on big challenges. I wanted to show the industry at large what these honorable organizations do in advocating for the advancement, protection, and dignity of a niche market. For 3 days I followed Kitty McGowan and 12 delegates representing the US Superyacht Association, as they walked the halls of congress and spoke on the industries behalf – this is what your support in these associations enables for the good of all who work in the marine space.


This is the ABC To learn more about what the USSA does, see their website

"It's your industry, you can't complain if you don't get involved."