about me (written by the wife)

Graduate of Drama Centre London, Lee Savage followed in the footsteps of alumni like Anthony Hopkins, Pierce Brosnan, Emilia Clarke, and Tom Hardy. His passion for filmmaking began at an early age and he spent his childhood writing scripts, starring in, and directing films with casts that included friends and family. I may be biased but Quadfire is one of my favorite movies and I‘m in talks to get Quadfire: Next Generation made. 


From drama school, Lee pursued his budding acting career traveling to auditions and picking up work in commercials, stage, and tv before landing the lead in a full-length feature film. The Hitchhiker was shot on location in South Africa and had its theatrical release in the summer of 2007. Following the film’s launch, Lee was faced with a tough decision: Continue along the typical actor’s path hoping to land a life-changing role or take a hiatus to help his family’s technology business in the Superyacht industry. Family came first and Lee decided to temporarily step away from acting to live around the world and help his family grow their company. I’m grateful he did because it was through this industry that we met!


But he never gave up on his love of film and theater. He stayed in touch with his acting community, developed his knowledge of equipment, lighting, and techniques and began honing his skills behind the camera. Our house is an on-going test site in beautiful lighting and he’s constantly training and challenging his eye through the lens, usually pointed in my direction, and mostly, capturing my worst moments! 


I could tell you that Lee brings cinema sensibility to still portraiture and television. A compelling storyteller, he approaches every shoot with authenticity and curiosity that captures the invisible essence of a person or idea. Which is all true but spoken with too many trendy buzz words. Instead, I would say that Lee makes everything better. He just does. I’ve watched him obsess about his craft through the years and admired his curiosity and pursuit of excellence. He doesn’t do things halfway. He is constantly learning and improving and maintains a pure love of his lifework. 


Make sure your story is captured. (Beautifully and with great lighting, of course!)